A Little Context

In September, I left my job at LogicMonitor to take a role as Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Sumo Logic, a cloud based log management and analytics company based out of California.

I had worked at LogicMonitor for over 8 years. While I relished the comfort zone of product familiarity and the company of coworkers who had become close friends, I was excited to go seek pastures new. Sumo Logic was a perfect landing ground. I knew the product, I had a few friends working there, and the headquarters was close to home.

However… in order to stem the spread…

Some background

My life in Site Reliability can be described as a perfect cocktail of building automation, reactive problem solving, and…posting “let me google that for you” links on slack channels. One of the major themes is figuring out how we scale based on customer demands. Currently, at LogicMonitor, we are running a hybrid environment where our core application as well as time series databases are running on servers in our physical data centers. These environments interact with microservices running in AWS. We called one of these hybrid production environments a “pod”(which in hindsight, is a poor choice of name once we…

Recently I started updating one of our deployment tools to utilize helm3. The current tool is a golang app which, given the path to a helm chart and kubeconfig, will deploy to all our production namespaces (in that cluster) at once using helm (will write a separate blog on this later).

How we currently deploy to k8s cluster

The current tool we use utilizes helm2 libraries from like..when Obama was still president. The go libraries were not exactly very friendly to use and the documentation was quite scarce..not to mention the Shaquille O’Neal sized headache I got from trying to get 4 year old libs with various…

“Value ++”

One of our engineers on the TechOps team coined that term. It references the shorthand operator for “increment” in various coding languages. It also is a motto for what we should be doing as a team… always adding value.

Here are a few things in our day to day operations that have been a serious “value --”

  • answering Jira tickets that have no description
  • “customer has issue B” .. but both customer name and issue details are omitted from that sentence
  • doing things manually, over and over again

At my company, most of the tasks requested of the…

Perry Yang

Automating myself out of a job

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